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Ioanna Athanasia Belitsa

Attorney At Law

Ioanna Athanasia Belitsa is a law graduate of Democritus University of Thrace, Greece. She specializes in providing legal services for the Greek Diaspora that face legal matters in Greece.

Early in her career, Ms. Belitsa collaborated with law firms that specialized in different areas of public and private Greek Law. She gained expertise on a wide range of legal matters and a deep understanding of the Greek legal system. This experience earned her a position as a legal consultant for the Ministry of Culture for several years. It was there that she gained countless experiences that familiarized her with the application and legislation of Greek Law.

Parallel with her role at the Ministry of Culture, Ms. Belitsa began working with several clients of the Greek Diaspora. She recognized that there was a demand for this service as one client would refer others to her and as a result she finally dedicated her career to addressing the legal needs of the Greek Diaspora. She established her firm, DIASPORA LAW, which is registered in Athens Greece, and exclusively handles legal matters facing the Greek Diaspora.

Ms. Belitsa and her associates commonly handle cases concerning wills, inter alias succession, establishment of power of attorney, real estate purchases and sales, clarification of property ownership status, ownership claims, property tenure disputes, real estate research and management, commercial and corporate law matters, taxation issues, criminal law, intellectual or industrial property, investments and other matters concerning the Diaspora and the foreign Investors.

Ms. Belitsa and her associates take pride in working with their clients with honesty, efficiency and timeliness. They aim to facilitate and simplify legal issues as much as possible for their clients. They strive to deal with situations firmly but delicately, recognizing that many of their clients have legal matters that are very sensitive topics. They develop trusting relationships with their clients indicated by repeated interactions with established clients and growth attributed by referrals of satisfied clients.

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