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"Ms. Belitsa and her team helped my husband and I greatly as we dealt with my grandmother's property in Greece. She saved us several trips to Greece, and dealt with our situation professionally and promptly. We highly recommend her."

M.D. (Chicago, Illinois).

“ Η οικογένειά μου κι εγώ θέλαμε να αγοράσουμε εξοχικό σπίτι στην Κέρκυρα. Ψάχνοντας στο internet βρήκαμε τυχαία την κυρία Μπελίτσα, μιλήσαμε και τελικά συνεργαστήκαμε. Έγιναν όλα τόσο γρήγορα και χωρίς ταλαιπωρίες. Είχαμε άψογη και ευχάριστη συνεργασία μαζί της.”

Κ.Σ. (Trenton, New Jersey) .

"I resolved an inheritance issue that was nagging my family for over 25 years. Ms. Belitsa was very resourceful and was a huge help."

Y.P. (Toronto, Canada)

“ Με κάποιους συγγενείς μας είχαμε κληρονομικές διαφορές και για χρόνια δεν μπορούσαμε να τις λύσουμε. Την κυρία Μπελίτσα μου την γνώρισε ένας πελάτης μου από το diner μου. Της εξήγησα την ιστορία μας και της ζήτησα να ασχοληθεί με το θέμα μας. Έγινε σοβαρή δουλειά από εκείνη και τους συνεργάτες της και βρήκαμε τελικά λύση στο πρόβλημά μας χωρίς να χρειαστεί να επικοινωνήσουμε με τους συγγενείς μας. Την ευχαριστούμε πολύ για όλα.”

Μ.Κ. (Manhattan, New York).

"She came highly recommended by a friend. I just bought a property in Athens. Ms. Belitsa made the process easy for me. No regrets hiring her, she saved me time and multiple trips to Greece to finalize the sale."

S.R. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).

"To whom it may concern, my name is Alexandra Dimitrakopoulos and I have been working closely with Ioanna Athanasia Belitsa,; I have hired her to handle a very special case dealing with international inheritance law. I was referred to her by a cousin of mine. She is fantastic and very knowledgeable, professional and has handled my case thus far very attentively. I would highly recommend her and her firm for any international needs. We have talked to her several times and in in fact have met with her here in the states. I consider her to not only be my lawyer; a very good close friend. She had explained everything both in English and in greek as to what my case entails. I am very satisfied with her work ethic and would most definitely recommend her for future clients.


Alexandra Maria Dimitrakopoulos (Chicago, IL).

"Working with Ms. Ioanna Belitsa has proven to be a truly wonderful experience. Ms. Belitsa is exceptionally diligent, forthcoming, authentic, and a pillar in her field. I remain extremely impressed by her professionalism, and confident with entrusting her with my business interests."


United States of America.

"DIASPORA LAW is distinguished among firms! This is evident through their diligence, thoroughness, attentiveness to important details, and most importantly, their genuine care for their clients to ensure that needs are met with successful outcomes! I'm grateful, and confident to continue to utilize their expertise."


"Great lawyer, very intuitive, understanding and effective"

"Ioanna has taken on the the challenge of dealing with some very difficult legal issues that I have in Greece. Let's start from the beginning. I was very hesitant to start working with a lawyer because of the complexity of my case. When I met Ioanna though, I immediately felt the warmth and security that everybody should feel in order to trust a third person when it comes to private matters. I was impressed from her approach to my concerns and her patience to explain every little detail to me. But the most impressive part was the result. I was completely satisfied from the outcome. I strongly recommend Ioanna to anyone who needs a skilful and effective lawyer."

A.M Manhattan, NY.

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